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Water Level

Digitalize your organization by fully replacing the traditional pen-and-paper method for the registration of surface water levels, with MWM’s Water Level Observer.

With its unique image recognition module, WLO guarantees data validity. Its portal provides actionable insights on surface water levels, infrastructure health and measurement activity. Your GIS location updates are automatically synchronized with WLO’s database, making real-time mobile field measurements also highly suitable for integration with the most common water information systems.

Whether you use WLO for daily observations or for calibration of automatic water level sensors, this module is key in operational water management.



Monitor groundwater levels on multiple locations with a simple click by releasing a sound on top of your monitoring well. Groundwater Tracker’s sound analysis will extract the groundwater level from the obtained recordings. This technology enables instant measurements in the most demanding field conditions.

The GWT module is developed for water boards and drinking water utilities and can be applied as a verification method of sensor data or as a cost-effective alternative for measuring tapes in areas with a high density of monitoring wells.

You can use GWT within MWM’s stand-alone monitoring environment or with other hydrologic and hydraulic system integrated solutions.

Rain Gauge

Validate your rainfall models with periodic field data from existing rain gauges, using a credible mobile measurement method appropriate for professional users and citizen scientists.

The Rain Gauge Reader is a highly scalable and easily accessible data collection technology, suitable for rainfall measurements across large regions. The gathered precipitation data is presented and analysed on MWM’s dashboard, ready to be integrated with your meteorological models.

In areas where satellite observations, radar data or expensive weather stations are not applicable or sufficient, that is where RGR’s ground truth fills the information gap.
Mobile Irrigation

Increase agricultural water productivity in your area, organise your irrigation cycles and save water with Mobile Irrigation Monitor.

This new technology enables agricultural field personnel to log irrigation times, discharges, and to perform qualitative soil moisture measurements, all in one single application.

MIM supports users in the field with smooth and easy data collection, generating valuable information about soil and water use, which is analysed and presented on MWM’s portal for managers in the office. The technology can be used as a stand-alone module, or integrated with other decision support systems designed for accurate irrigation scheduling.
Mobile Water

Now you can coordinate your periodical meter readings, manage your water meter infrastructure and streamline billing practices with an easy-to-use Android application and web portal: Mobile Water Operator.

Complete your water balances with accurate readings, supported by image recognition and consumption validation methods. Analyse your network health and isolate your suspicious meters for coordinated replacement. And finally, close the financial cycle by implementing MWO with the billing system of your choice.

MWO is developed for drinking water utilities that perform regular meter readings in the most challenging field conditions, and with the goals of improving the utility’s financial position and securing sustainable drinking water services for all.
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